IURISD is a platform to create and exchange new ideas about sustainable development.

We aim to serve the fraternity of sustainable development professionals. You may be an engineer , an accountant, a medical doctor, a manager, an academician, a researcher but engaged in some way contributing to the field of sustainable development . Then you can benefit from IURISD. We aim to provide a platform for networking and knowledge sharing, accessible whenever or wherever you may be located.

Sustainable Development is a process for meeting human development needs while maintaining the stability, integrity and beauty of natural biotic systems  such that societal consumption of natural resources is incommensurate with the rate which the nature can replenish itself. Companies across the world face increased costs in materials, energy, and compliance coupled with higher expectation of customers and investors. Managing operations with Lean and Agile philosophy in an environmentally and socially responsible manner -- "Legrile Manufacturing" -- is no longer just nice-to-have, but a business imperative. However, many small and medium sized businesses  are struggling with their short term survival and lack of knowledge and resources leads to lack of investment in sustainability development. Many simply do not know where to start. It is expected that this forum will provide the required tools and will inspire many businesses to get started on their journey towards improving manufacturing sustainability.

IURISD's Headquarter is at Fremont, CA, USA. An elected Governing Council, headed by President, and consisting of members from other Chapters/Sections, monitor the activities of the Institution.

We are a Non-Profit organization registered in California, USA..

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